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       To be the bes​​t partner in China and Asia​​​​

    ​Based in Tokyo, our Japan private equity team invests in management buyouts of middle-market Japanese companies with strong China growth prospects.

    For many Japanese manufacturing and consumer companies, the most promising growth opportunities exist outside of Japan, particularly in China, which in 2004 surpassed the United States to become Japan's largest trading partner.

    ​We are differentiated from other private equity firms in Japan through our ability not only to execute management buyout transactions in Japan, but also to help Japanese management teams address one of their most important yet challenging opportunities, viz international expansion.

    We fund our investments in Japan through three dedicated funds:

    • ​CITI​C Japan Partners, L.P. (2005) 
    • CITIC Capit​al Japan Partners II, L.P. (2011)
    • CITIC Capital Japan Partners III, L.P. (2017)

    Our Japan private equity team practices an investment strategy with several core attributes:

    Targeting strong franchises
    ​​We invest in Japanese companies which have high barriers to entry due to established brands, distribution and/or technology.

    Opportunity for China/international expansion
    We invest in Japanese companies where we see excellent prospects for international growth, particularly in China.

    Partnering wit​​h management
    For many Japanese companies, international expansion is one of their most important strategic objectives. We work closely with management to plan and execute an international expansion strategy.

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