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    Based in Beijing, Shanghai​ and New York, our International private equity team invests globally in companies which have a significant China value creation angle and leverages CITIC Capital's extensive China resources to help our companies realize their full China potential. We focus on niche manufacturing, consumer, food, healthcare and TMT businesses that hav​e leading technology, brand and products.

    For many well-established international businesses, accessing the China market is one of the most important, and also challenging, strategic priorities.

    Because of our affiliation with CITIC Group as well as our extensive resources and experience in helping management teams formulate and execute a China strategy, we are the ideal partner to management teams and other private equity funds who are interested in accessing China for growth.

    We fund our investment activities internationally through three dedicated funds:
    • CITIC Equity Partners, L.P. (2005)
    • CITIC Equity Partners II, L.P. (2007)
    • CITIC Capital International Partners III, L.P. (2011)
  • Our International strategy focuses on mid-sized companies globally (except China) that have leading technology, brand and products in their respective markets and have a significant opportunity for growth and value creation in China.

    Target Industries
    • Manufacturing 
    • Food
    • Consumer
    • Healthcare
    • TMT​

    Transaction Types
    • Buyouts
    • Family Businesses
    • Corporate Carveouts
    • Going Private
    • Special Situations/Restructurings
    • Turnarounds

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