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    Based in Shanghai, our China private equity team engages in buyouts and strategic investments in leading Chinese companies. Due to our extensive relationship base and deep understanding of the state-owned enterprise sector, we focus mainly on companies with some form of government ownership or involvement.​

    We fund our China investment activities through four dedicate​d funds:

    • ​CITIC Capital China Partners, L.P. (​2007)​
    • CITIC Capital China Partners II, L.P. (2010)
    • CITIC Capital RMB Multi-Asset Class Fund - Buyout Strategy (2014)
    • ​CITIC Capital China Partners III, L.P. (2017)​

    Our China private equity team practices an investment strategy with several core attributes:

    Leveraging of our ​competitive advantage
    We seek investment opportunities where we feel we have an advantage over the competition due to our proprietary relationships, unique understanding of cultural and legal ​sensitivities, and experience in a given industry sector.

    ​​Targeting strong franchises
    We proactively target the strongest Chinese companies which have high barriers to entry due to established brands, distribution and/or technology.​​

    Partnering with management
    A prerequisite to our investment is that we must feel comfortable in our ability to forge a strong working relationship with the management team of our investee companies.

    Pre-identified exit
    ​We need to have a clear plan regarding the exit opportunities for our investments.

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