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​​​CITIC Capital Asset Management offers wide ranges of investment products and services to investors. Our services focus on three areas:

Onshore Investments(1):  We help our clients achieve expected capital appreciation while meeting their liquidity needs through investing in onshore fixed income, equity, foreign exchange and derivatives markets.

Offshore Investments(2)
: Established in 2002, our product lines cover mutual funds, hedge funds and tailor-made solutions. We focus on offshore Chinese markets, but also invest opportunistically in global markets.

Cross-border Investments
: We provide investment advisory services for Qualified Domestic Institutional Investors ("QDII") and RMB Qualified Domestic Institutional Investors ("RQDII") and Stock Connect Program to invest in overseas public markets. Meanwhile, we help overseas investors to invest in the onshore China markets through Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors ("QFII") and RMB Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors ("RQFII") schemes.
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QDII Products
In collaboration with reputable partners, we have launched several QDII products, investing in offshore U.S. dollar denominated fixed income securities.

RQDII Products
Also launched as cooperative projects, the products invest in offshore RMB denominated bonds issued by Chinese companies through RQDII schemes.​

Onshore RMB Private Investment Funds
Our RMB private investment funds invest in onshore fixed income securities and equities as well as through the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect to invest in Hong Kong stock market.​

Offshore Public Market Funds
Our offshore public market funds aim to achieve long-term, consistent capital growth by investing primarily in equities whose performance is linked to economies of mainland China and Hong Kong, or investing in offshore high yield debt instruments as well as investment grade debt related instruments.​

Manage​d Accounts
CITIC Capital Asset Management offers managed account services to investors to make advisory and discretionary investments according to their specific requirements.

Note 1: Our onshore investment management businesses have been registered with the Asset Management Association of China (AMAC)  
Note 2: Our offshore asset management entities have been granted Hong Kong SFC Licenses of Type 1, Type 4 and Type 9​